Saturday, October 04, 2014

Longview, WA

The pictures before taking off today for our long 133 mile trip to Longview, WA to park at Walmart RV Park. LOL LOL LOL LOL.......133 miles is pretty long for us. It rained on us in Tacoma but its been sunny after that. Its actually hot here in Longview Christine. Toasty warm. We are headed to the store to give them a little business in trade for using their parking lot. Not much else to write about. Just a pleasant traveling day. Oh. We did mess Bella up by throwing her way out of her summer routine. She was a little upset when we first started out, but eventually she got into her bed on the console of the truck and decided she loved us again. :-)

Sister Christine and Dan. They are buddies.
Christine, me, and Mom.
Christine, Dan, and Mom.
Bella chillin' in her bed after deciding she loved us again.
Dan with his pet plant named "H", for Hibiscus. He just had to bring this plant with us. We found it on our way back to Bremerton back in May and its lived with us ever since. He LOVES this silly plant!
Our home at the Walmart RV Park.

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