Monday, October 13, 2014

Whiskey Flats RV Park and Miller's Rest Area

Just a couple more pictures from Bordertown RV Park. Bella loved climbing this tree.

Another travel day. About 143 miles. A good travel day, sunny and no wind. We are now in Hawthorne, NV at Whiskey Flats RV Park. This is the 7th time we've stayed here. We'll be here for 3 days. If I'm not lazy, I'll catch up with our laundry here.
Bella knew where we were as soon as she got out of the truck. She went from bush to bush looking for lizards. It was too funny. She seen some lizards and even got a paw on one, but she didn't catch any. She was definitely in her element.

She also must have also remembered how much she doesn't like being in the sun for very long. Shes always looking for shade.
She was waiting for a lizard to come back out of this bush. Of course it never did, but she is very patient and waited for quite awhile.

Dan turned over a big rock and this little scorpion was under it. Butt ugly!
Parked for the night at Miller's Rest Area outside Tonopah, NV. Bella REALLY likes it here. Jumped right out of the truck and headed to the sticker bushes looking for lizards.

One independent little Bella.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh. She has lots of freedom here.
Dan's plant likes the sunshine. Maybe it will bloom soon.

Dan and Bella out walking.
Didn't bother to look up what kind of flowers these are. I was more interested in all the little butterflies sitting on them.

This is how Bella hunts lizards sometimes. She lets Dan search the bush while she watches. LOL LOL
Peek. :-)

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