Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hat Creek and Bordertown

I couldn't write anything while we were at Hat Creek RV Park because our satellite dish didn't work there because of all the trees. We hooked up to their IFFY cable which didn't work so well and tried to use their REAL IFFY wifi. Their wifi sucked and we couldn't use our MIFI from Verizon as we were in a dead cell zone. Oh fun. At least Bella liked walking in the woods.

We were following the camp host to our parking spot. Look at all the BIG trees! They make me feel closed in.

Bella is out exploring. We let her run around without the leash for awhile. She loved that!
Heading to Bordertown Casino and RV Park. This is the long grade going into Susanville, CA. Seeing as our exhaust brake is still having problems it was a little nerve wracking.

SHARP corner. Hate this corner going into Susanville. But we survived. Dan put the truck in 1st gear and the exhaust brake worked a little bit.
Entering Nevada
Me and Nancy my co-worker from quite awhile ago. We met up at the RV park at Bordertown. Dan and I went to dinner at the little casino here with her, her husband Magoo, and a friend that was visiting them.
Mcgoo, Nancy, and me.
Heres our parking spot at Bordertown. Just little trees here. I can live with that. lol lol lol.....We've stayed with at this park before back in 2011.


Jerry Williams said...

Patty ,, I guess you didn't like it at Hat Creek,, way to many trees and to tall ,, and no phone or WI-FI.. yes the phone service sucks in that area,, the only place you get it is head towards Eskimo Hill towards Redding once you are up there ,,you have service but have to boon dock camping...

ryan said...

Great pictures.. love your camera. wow you guys are moving fast..Will show Ryan the pics in the am before i take him to school