Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Q 11/14

Just pictures of everyday living out in the desert near Quartzsite, AZ. Everyday living for us anyway. Not very exciting by some people's standards, but it suits us just fine. We, more or less, have a routine and that's fine. Bella definitely has a routine and that works good for us too. We take her outside a few times a day for walks in the desert and so she can lizard hunt, we play on our laptops, and do chores and errands when necessary. Sometimes hauling water, sometimes getting propane, sometimes getting gas for our generator, sometimes going to a grocery store, and sometimes just going out for a ride on the quad to mess around. Everyday life for us. We did have one exciting thing happen though. Below is an old picture of Bonehead's tree. While she was alive, she loved being on or around this tree. You can see a pack rat nest to the right. Well, we were coming back from a walk with Bella and if we're near the tree, we walk under it and sometimes Bella will climb it. There was about a 4' rattle snake on top of the old pack rat nest. I didn't see it as I was ahead of Dan and Bella. I walked right past it. Dan seen Bella slow down to look at it, he seen it, and she shooed Bella out of there to me. The snake slithered back into a hole of the pack rat nest. You can be sure that we won't be going to Bonehead's tree until the snake is gone. Its pretty close to our rig so we'll be making Bella go walking in the opposite direction for now. Scary stuff.
We found this cheap little play thing for Bella. She didn't give Dan a chance to put it all together. She liked it this way so she could halfway hide.
Cool crystal that I picked up when out walking Bella. Its really clear although you it doesn't look that clear in the pictures.

Dan up on the roof cleaning off the solar panels.
Bella sitting on one of her favorite places.
And there goes the blimp west heading back from the NASCAR race in Phoenix.

This is something you wouldn't have believed if I hadn't taken pictures. When we're out walking Bella she has certain spots in the desert that we call her "potty boxes". When she "feels the need", she starts meowing and meowing and meowing and will head to the closest "potty box". Dan has been digging the hole for her. Its too funny. When hes done he'll say to her, "OK Bella, here ya go". This cat knows exactly what hes doing and will go finish the hole the way she likes it. Its the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Bella was in this tree and tried to climb out on that little branch to her right. She got to it and discovered that it wasn't gonna work. She actually slipped off it and was hanging by her paws and managed to pull herself back up and get to the big part of the tree. She came down the tree a bit and jumped into Dan's arms. She was really shook up. Think she scared herself. She clung to Dan for quite awhile before she wanted down again.

Today is Veterans Day.
My flamingo, Flo, is ready for Thanksgiving. Shes quite glad that shes not a turkey. LOL LOL
Miss High Maintenance Princess

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