Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Welcome to Quartzsite!

Went to a farmer's market this morning. Still setting up our rig. Almost done. Not much else to tell except we sure like it here without the gazillion people that show up after Christmas. Its very peaceful here now.

The road going north from our place, heading into Quartzsite.
In Janurary there will be lots of rigs camped along this dirt road.

Driving past the ranger station on the left to hwy 95.
In another 2 months, this road will be jammed packed with vendors and visitors. You won't be able to find a parking place.
Stuff I bought at the farmers market. Cucumber, some squash, lettuce, and green beans. This little farmers market will be in Quartzsite every Wednesday. Cool. I'll be going to it.
Not a big set up but they had alot of fruits and veggies.
Q mountain. There is an American flag and POW flag at the top.
Here is Bella hanging out.

In the dry wash behind our rig looking north. Bonehead's tree is on the left where we spread some of her ashes. She loved to climb this tree.
This is the dry wash looking south. The tree on the left is where Bella caught a field mouse and brought it home to show us. She played with it then Dan took it and put it back in it's home.
Standing in the wash looking at our rig.
We were out walking with Bella and a blimp flew over us. We thought it had to be the MetLife blimp on its way to Phoenix for the NASCAR race, but this one had Directv all over it.

Just a cool looking Palo Verde tree, Arizona's state tree.
Home sweet home.
Tried to take a picture of the moon but its not so good. Only had my phone with me and not my good camera.
Out on the quad on our way to see our friends Jim and Carol who are in charge of the Tyson Wash ranger station.
A good quad trail out in the middle of nowhere.
The trail took us into La Posa South BLM camping area.
Crossing hwy 95 to the ranger station.

Friends Jim and Carol looking very official. lol lol lol
Leaving the ranger station and looking west.
There are LOTS of quad trails in the hills ahead.

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