Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Q end of 11/14

Its almost Thanksgiving. Time sure does fly by when you get older, in my opinion. Its been nice here during the day and chilly at night. Our furnace comes on at night so its probably time to clean off the portable propane heater soon. I took the quad, loaded with some garbage, to the dumpsters and then went into town. I've seen the sign in the picture below for several years now. People that camp to the right of the dumpsters out on a dirt road put it up every year. Its the dumbest sign I've ever seen out here on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). I travel this dirt road as its a shortcut to the dumpsters from where we camp. The speed limit on the BLM is 15mph. I try to be respectful of the stupid sign as that's just the way I am. I don't like dirt being deliberately coming my way at our camp if someone is speeding. But ya gotta consider where you are too. Even going 5mph or 10mph can send the poof dirt into people's camps. It all about the wind and which direction its blowing. I just think that its a really stupid sign. My opinion. Anyway, I continued into town and went to the kitchen vendor. Hes my favorite vendor. I needed a new pan for lasagna. Love looking at all the kitchen gadgets.
Here is Bella chillin' on Dan's three legged stool. He walked away and she decided to take it over. She looks might cozy.

I have no idea what this ugly looking thingy is called. Maybe related to a mushroom? We see them when we are out walking Bella. She stays away from them. We've broken one open and that was a mistake. All this dark red poofy crap comes out of it and sticks to your walking stick. YUK! We just leave them along now. Not sure what purpose they serve and can't locate it on the Internet.
Next day and its turkey/ham day. Happy Turkey/Ham Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ate outside today with friends Jim and Carol and their friend Mark. This is Daisy with Dan. We normally don't do dogs, but shes a funny little dog and not unpleasant to be around. She REALLY likes Dan. She likes me when I have some food. lol lol..........It was a good day. Oh. While we were eating we seen 2 coyotes cross the road not far from us. First coyotes that we've seen this season here in Quartzsite.

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