Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/14 Bella pics

And life in the desert goes on. Its been rather cloudy here but warm when we don't have a north wind. Chilly at night and we've been using our furnace to keep the chill out of our rig.........Christmas is almost here. We're gonna be going out to dinner with friends on Christmas. No cooking on Christmas day for me this year. I do have a small ham so the day after Christmas I'm gonna make that with some sweet potatoes, jello, a veggie, and cranberries. Gonna make some Christmas cookies though. (New day). I did make some Christmas cookies. Just sugar cookies and then frosted them. And I made some ginger cookies. Yummy. :-) And Merry Christmas Eve to all...............

Here is Dan and Bella at one of her "seed" bushes. That's what we call them as we don't know the right name and Bella recognizes the word "seed". Looks like tiny wheat to me. She knows where every bush is in our area and goes to one of them everyday to eat the tiny wheat looking stuff.

Bella standing beneath one of the gnarly trees that she climbs.
 Bella just loves climbing all the dead tree branches.

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