Saturday, January 10, 2015


Dan's large hibiscus plant is blooming again. I think it went to sleep for awhile. It has some nice buds on it now. Sure is a pretty color. His little yellow hibiscus is still sleeping. :-)

We were out walking Bella today in a new area and came across this barrel cactus. It is a real pretty red.
We also came across this snake skin. Interesting. It was about 4 feet long altogether. I only had my phone to take a picture with so couldn't get all the snake skin in one shot. About a foot more of it was laying off to the right of my pictures. The skin is so fragile and brittle that you can't pick it up without it falling apart.

Drove the quad into town to the dented can store or surplus grocery store. Most of the vendors are set up and there are a ton of people. Parking is at a premium now. Thank goodness for going on the quad.

Went to see this vendor on the way home and got some deep fried mushrooms. YUM! Dan likes coming here every year because they have good ice cream.

Looking across to La Posa West. You can see Q Mountain in the background. It looks small, but its a steep climb. I won't climb it but I'll go half way up it on the quad. Both my sons scurried up the side you see to the top where there are two flags. Of course they just couldn't go up the other side on a path. lol lol

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