Friday, January 09, 2015

1/8/15 Dripping Springs

What a nice day we had for a quad ride! Dan led the way to Dripping Springs with 7 quads following us. To read about Dripping Springs, you would have to "google" it. Here is how I tell people what is at Dripping Springs......There are LOTS of petroglyphs and what is left of a stone cabin. Back from the cabin at the base of the cliffs is a small cave. Water drips from the cave roof, forming a pool of water. Interesting stuff if you've never been there. Oh, and you'll need some kind of 4-wheel drive to get there...........Dan always likes to take the "scenic route" so you are stuck looking at scenery pictures. Along the way we came across a couple on a quad and they were having a hard time finding the Springs. We told them just to fall in with our group, so they did. We went to the Dripping Springs, Apache cabin and mine, another stone cabin(I forgot the name), took a left at the Spanish Wall, then headed home. It was a nice ride.

LOL at this poor car. I've put pictures of it on my blog before.

The way to Dripping Springs.

In the wash going to Dripping Springs.
Check out the Cholla. They are nasty suckers. You sure don't want to touch them!
Oh look! Its the Cholla National Forest. LOL LOL LOL

Parked by the stone cabin at Dripping Springs. I didn't walk back to the Springs or take pictures of the petroglyphs. Just believe me that everything is there. :-)

Part of our group at the springs. Way back at the base of the cliff is the cave where the Springs are.
Heading out from the Springs.

Apache cabin and mine.

Scenery pictures.

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