Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/14/15 quad ride

Went for a quad ride today. We went everywhere that we weren't gonna go because we took some wrong turns. LOL LOL LOL LOL..........It ended up being a great ride. Dan didn't go as he didn't feel good so I drove. I'm normally sitting behind him taking pictures, so only a few pictures taken this time.

Here is the group that went today. We headed out to the small dunes where General Patton's troops did some training during WWII. We never got to the dunes as we went the wrong way, but we were able to pick up some bullets and clips.

Flat, flat, flat sandy land.

The next three pictures were taken in 2007. I didn't take any pictures today of the bullets and clips, so I'm using the old ones so you know what they are. You can find them laying on the ground where the troops were training.

Seen this guy crossing the quad trail. Its a Desert Patch-nosed Snake, a non-venomous snake. He didn't really care that we were there, but when I got closer to take pictures, he scurried off.

And, there it goes..........

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