Saturday, January 17, 2015

1/17/15 just stuff

While out walking Bella I have been finding small, clear crystals. Then I found this one. It really is clear. Its just not a good picture with my phone. Its almost an inch long. I was so tickled to just look down and see it laying in the desert waiting for me to pick it up. There is always something different to see out in the desert when we are walking with Bella. I've walked in the same areas everyday as Bella is a "creature of habit" and goes to the same bushes to look for lizards and the same trees to check out the pack rat nests, and didn't see this crystal all this time. Then all of a sudden the sunlight hit it just the right way and I seen it. Cool. :-)
Vendor row in Quartzsite is getting busy, busy, busy and very crowded. Dan and I had to pass through here to get to somewhere else. You can't be in a hurry for sure. We'll be coming here on the quad to check out the water filter guy. We'll be on the quad as we can find a parking place for it in or near the dry wash and park where trucks and cars will get stuck. Dan drinks water all the time and says its starting to taste yukky, so he wants new filters. The Big Tent, "The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show" starts today 1/17. Its gonna be ESPECIALLY crowded around the Big Tent and vendor row. A couple of times I've taken the quad to the dry wash and found a place to sit and "people watch". You would be amazed at how many people drive into the wash in regular cars and motor homes. They mostly get stuck.

Bumper to bumper vehicles and shoulder to shoulder people in the vendor rows.
Back to Bella. This is her new favorite place. She thinks there is a pack rat in the hollow of this tree. I haven't heard it move around in there, but she has or so she thinks. So we go out walking and she ends up "stacking out the tree" for awhile. Me and Dan just sit and chill.
She lays and stares at the hole and listens. Sometimes she'll go to the other side of the tree and stare at the other hole. She is just too funny. This is quite the gnarly tree too.
The view of our rig when walking back from the pack rat tree. We are the last RV on the dead end road. Just the way we like it.
We now have people to the left of where we are parked, but we know them. They all have dogs and are nice enough to park across from us and keep the dogs away. One of them will chase Bella. The others leave her alone mostly. One came across to our rig with her owner to chat and Bella just was nose to nose with the dog named Tessa. She poofed up a bit but then decided that Tessa was OK. Maybe Bella remembers that last season she had enough of Tessa hanging out and following her. Bella ran and almost attacked the dog. It was comical. Tessa ran like hell and then always walked a wide berth around Bella for quite awhile. I would say that Bella put Tessa "in her place".

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