Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/25/15 Bella and the pack rat

I was SO wrong about Bella's rodent pal. It wasn't a Kangaroo Rat. She caught it today and it was a pack rat. Dan wasn't with me when she was staking out the tree this afternoon. He was doing some maintenance. When she caught it, she trotted all the way home, about 1/8 of a mile holding it in her mouth like a kitten. She took it home to show Dan her Papa. She played with it then it ran into a hole to hide out until nigh time so it could run back to its home.

I went to Blythe, CA today to do laundry, go to Smart and Final grocery store, and went to Albertsons. There are WAY too many people in Quartzsite at the two laundromats  to do the laundry here. Dan did some caulking on the roof of our rig. Yesterday I got our garage all cleaned out and ready to load the quad. We are getting our "road ready" chores done before we pull out of here. Heading to an RV park near Yuma, AZ. I'll write all about that later.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the pack rat to come out.
You can see him in the hole in the tree.
"I'm gonna get this critter."
Here's the little guy she brought home. It was trying to hide from Bella by laying between my shoes.

Getting pretty close to the hole and escape.
 Bella "posing" on one of the dead trees she likes playing on.

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