Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/24/15 Bella and Q/desert

First part of the blog is all about Bella. I had a friend want to see more pictures of her, so I am obliging. She is always fun to take pictures of.........Bella has been stacking out a pack rat nest for the last week. Come to find out that right now a pack rat doesn't live in it. I was watching her looking at the nest and all of a sudden she got the "butt wiggle" like she was gonna pounce on something. I looked at the hole she was looking into and seen a kangaroo rat peeking back out at me, so shes been stalking a little rat. She can't get all the way into the hole. Only go as far as her shoulders. That little rat keeps peeking out at her. She'll never catch it unless she is beside the hole waiting instead of looking into it. The little rat just might venture out then. She wants to play with it so bad. That's OK. Bella wouldn't ever hurt it. That's not her "hunting" style. Catch, play, release.

When we first got here this season, I put some pictures on here that showed no one parked along the mile long dirt road or at the end where we camp. These next pictures show how busy it is here in town now. The majority of these rigs in the pictures are people that come for the Big Tent and all the other shows happening here within a month. Then they leave. Right now the desert is noisier then normal, especially when we have a north wind. The sounds of barking dogs, people trying to out talk each other, and generator fumes are in full force. Then there are the sirens. Lots of people needing attention out here during the snowbird season. When I took these pictures, I was driving the quad into town to go stand in the long post office line. Much better on the quad then in the truck. I only have to be on the paved road for about 1/2 a block. Don't have to hassle with the crazy drivers in town.

A quad trail going to the dry wash. Tyson Wash. Q Mountain is in the background.
I'm sitting on the quad in the wash.
The parking lot at Silly Al's Pizza. No finding a parking place here.

The main intersection in Quartzsite. Busy busy busy.

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