Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/28/15 hawk and roadrunner

Seen a BIG frickin coyote this morning trotting by our rig. First one that I've seen in our immediate area. He was going to fast for me to get my camera out and snap a picture. He was about the size of a German Shepherd. That is three carnivores in 2 days. In the pictures below there is a hawk and roadrunner. They are both meat eaters too. You'll have to click on the picture to look for the hawk and roadrunner. They were out in front of our rig and doing like a "dance" around each other. Looked like they were challenging each other. Eventually the roadrunner took off, mmmmm beep beep, LOL LOL LOL, and the hawk flew away. It was interesting to watch. Bella sat in the living room window watching them too.

You can see the hawk in the middle of the picture on a tree branch laying on the ground.
Hawk in the tree.
Hawk on the ground.

The roadrunner is standing in front of the bush.

The hawk in flight.
The roadrunner in front of the bush.
The hawk in the tree and the roadrunner at the bush eye-balling each other.
And there goes the roadrunner...........

Home sweet home until this Friday. We've been getting "road ready" so we can pull out of here and head to Winterhaven, CA to an RV park there. Its about 19 miles north of Algodones, Mexico where I'm gonna try and "suck it up" and get some dental work done. I HATE the dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All we have left to do is fold up our big outdoor run, lower the solar panels on top of the rig, load the quad into the garage, then we're ready to hook up the truck and roll out of here.
Bella out doing her "Bella thing".

Dan's plants have three blooms. Looks like he might have four of them soon.

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