Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/30/15 Goodbye Quartzsite

We have left Quartzsite. Its always hard to leave our "spot" in the desert. It familiar as we've parked in the same spot for the last 9 years. I know Bella will miss the 20 to 30 acres she explored everyday. I'm just guessing that amount of acreage cause me and Dan both walked our legs off being out there with her. LOL LOL........

Our "spot" in Quartzsite. Our rig was parked right over the white quartz in the middle of the picture. Its an oval and inside it says D + P, all in white quartz. Off to the left is Bonehead's tree where we spread some of her ashes. We've parked in this same spot for 9 years so far.
Heading south on hwy 95 towards Yuma.

Welcome to Yuma. I find it strange that the Yuma city limits are so close to town and not out a little ways.
And, heading west on I-8.
Entering California.

Mexico next exit. That's a sign you don't see everyday.
Gotta go through the California inspection station.

The turn to Gold Rock Ranch.
We are now in Winterhaven, CA at Gold Rock Ranch out in the middle of nowhere. far its an interesting place. Bella will like it here as there are lots of places to explore. So, we've been out walking around this little RV park. Its interesting. VERY rustic and definitely a "mom and pop" operation for sure. The swimming pool and hot tub haven't been used in a very long time. That's rather sad. This would be a great place to be a camp host and it would be the place to live if you like being away from the city. Maybe go into Yuma, about 20 miles away, a couple times a month for groceries. Then the rest of the time, just hang out at home or get on the quad and hit the sand dunes or quad trails that are all around in this area. 
Pictures of the scenery around the park and of our rig.

Bella is on the leash for the first walk.

She must have seen something that we sure didn't see. She got all poofy.
Couple more scenery pictures.

 Dan's two Hibiscus plants out soaking up the sun.

  LOVE the sign about no dust. Just like the ones in Quartzsite.

 There is a really cool museum type room in the camp office and TONS of antiques. Bella stuck her nose into everything, snoopy cat that she is.

 Here's miss snoopy checking everything out.
 Guess General Patton had troops in this area too. I didn't know that.
  Some old trucks that I assume were used to do some gold mining.
 Cool looking clouds above our rig in the distance.

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