Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/10/15 3rd and last dentist visit

You don't EVEN wanna know how my 3rd visit to the dentist in Algodones was, but I'm gonna tell ya anyway. Lucky you. :-)

To recap, the 1st trip, on a Monday, took care of all the grinding with the drill (YUK), x-rays, did one root canal, did the measuring for all the crowns and bridge, they took impressions for the crowns and bridge, and I left with temporary yukky feeling teeth in my mouth. The 2nd trip, on a Thursday, the temporary teeth came out, all the crowns and the bridge were put into my mouth, and the impressions for the upper and lower partials were taken. Now for the 3rd trip the next day on a Friday, it really SUCKED and I didn't like it one bit. I had 4 teeth pulled and one of them just wouldn't come out. The lower back left. It took them forever to get it out! Felt like my jaw was being pulled up through a tiny hole in my mouth where the tooth was. My poor lower left gum is SWELLED and VERY sore. Now I have 4 holes where teeth were pulled and I gotta worry about getting a dry socket. Well, the holes got covered up with the new partials. It wasn't uncomfortable at first but as the numbness wore off it also sucked. I left them in because they were protecting the holes and stopping any bleeding. I finally took them out during the middle of the night and what a relief that was. I have pain pills and antibiotics and I just keep taking them, especially the pain pills. I've been eating soup and applesauce. Soft foods. The last trip, #4, was on a Monday. Exactly 7 days from when I started all this. They rechecked my partials and did some adjustments. My bottom left gum is still really swelled from the that stubborn tooth not coming out right away. I'm taking the partials out at night but try and wear them most of the day. My upper partial is OK along with my new crowns and my gums are almost back to normal. The lower part of my mouth is gonna take about 2 weeks or so to heal up. Can't wait to get back to my normal! Anyway, I'm SO done going back to the Mexican dentist.

And, this is how mine and Dan's dentist "rolls". You are not computerized in her office. You are a paper which you must bring in with you every time you visit her so they can remember what was done to you. Not too sure why they don't do stuff by computer, but I guess this works for them. Better not lose your paperwork though.

After visit #4 Dan and I went to find something to eat. We are inside a plaza where there is a restaurant and vendors and live music. The food is OK and the vendors can go away instead of getting into my face while I'm eating, but I love the music. It was old rock and roll and one young man was singing and he was most excellent. One other guy was playing the guitar. I enjoyed them so much that I visited his "tip bucket". I've been so hungry since all I've been eating is mostly soup so I ordered a soft burrito. I could chew with my new front teeth. It was most yummy. This is a pretty colorful place as you can see in the pictures. We've been here several times with other people over the years. Its a good place to gather when you're with a group.

No more going back to Los Algodones, Mexico, for now anyway. WOOHOO! No more pain, no more vendors in your face, and no more waiting in the "LINE" on a hot day. As you can probably tell, I'm not fond of going to Algodones. I LOVE my country and am always so glad to get back across the border.

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