Saturday, February 14, 2015

2/14/15 done done done

Happy Valentine's Day! I am So glad the dentist thing is all over. Its been 8 days since I had the teeth yanked out of my mouth. The swelling is still working on going down. Just taking ibuprofen and antibiotics now. No more pain pills.............We are leaving the RV park today. Stayed 3 more days because of the wind. Dan hates driving in the wind and we're in no hurry anyway. It was a good stay here. Oh! When I was doing laundry yesterday Dan and Bella were out walking and I guess she caught an Iguana. Dan said it's body was about 5 inches long. Just the body and then it had a long tail. He said she picked it up without hurting it and carried it to another bush, then set it down and played with it before it ran back into a hole. Too bad I was doing my chore or I could have taken some pictures. Oh well. Anyway, we're leaving here. Going back to Quartzsite for a few days, then venture on.

 Well, holy moley, I have a new smile. Yes, I guess its kind of vain to put my smile on here. Oh well.

Bella is doing some tree climbing. She loves to go up high as she can.

 I don't know what this flower is called. I tried to look it up, but couldn't no luck. It was actually growing out of a pile of old dead plants.

 More tree climbing.

 Pretty sunset peeking through an ocotillo cactus.

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