Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2/24/15 Desert Eagle

We are now in North Las Vegas. Staying at Desert Eagle RV Park on Nellis AFB. We've been here several times before and REALLY like this park. I'm SO glad that I can use my retiree badge from my years of working for the Navy. Its a nice perk to have. And its only about 2 miles from the NASCAR track. It was a windy drive getting here. Lucky for us we were traveling north and the wind was blowing from the north. No big wind gusts hitting us on the side of our rig.

These are the only pictures I took while at the AVI Casino's KOA. We were all unhappy with our stay here. We have stayed at this KOA many, many times and always had a good parking spot and Bella loves it here because there was always room for her to roam. Well, not this time. I have NOTHING nice to say about our stay here. It was SO crowded and so noisy and we felt closed in. I don't like my neighbors almost on top of me. Poor Bella had to be on the leash every time we took her out, so she spent most of her time inside. We mostly just hung out at home except for going to the seafood buffet at the Tropicana Casino. We usually go to the buffet at the Aquarius Casino. We should have gone back there. The buffet at the Tropicana wasn't anything to write home about.............Here are the "getting the hell out of here" pictures.

This was our parking spot. Squeezed in between the truck on the left and the motor home on the right. And you can see how close to the road we were. YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Out on the old Needles Hwy.
Heading west on hwy 163. It was REALLY windy.
Going up and up made my ears plug right up after being in a lower elevation for a long time.
Needles, CA to the left and Las Vegas to the right.
Traveling north on hwy 95 fighting the wind. Look at the speed limit. I think NOT! I couldn't believe how fast some of the other RVs were going, passing us by. Especially with a wind advisory out. We just plugged along at about 50 to 55 mph. Worked for us. Everyone could just go right around us.
Traveling through Searchlight, NV. Interesting little place at the top of a hill.
Cool looking Joshua tree.
The next two picture show the area where we had a flat tire a few years ago. Not a fun time.

YUK! Lots of snow in the distance. That's a good place for it to stay.

OK. Boulder City to the right and Las Vegas to the left.
Heading on up the hill past the Railroad Pass Casino. We've never been here.
Exit 56B taking us to the Boulder Hwy.
Welcome to Las Vegas!
Entering Nellis AFB.

The turn to the RV Park.

Our parking spot. REALLY like our spot for the next 4 nights. HUGE spaces!

Bella likes it here. She had been pretty much cooped up for 6 days at the KOA, so she had some "spring" to her step and had fun exploring, without a leash.
Of course she had to try and climb every tree.
"Yup. I'm free and there are lots of birds here to chase and lots of places to sniff."

Some of the jets from Nellis were coming in for a landing. They are noisy so Bella decided to "wait it out" at the back door of our rig.

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