Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17/15 short travel day

We left Quartzsite a day early because we wanted to stop in Lake Havasu City and do some shopping. We did go to PetSmart and stocked up on Bella food and bought her a new harness. A pretty pink one. We were also gonna shop at Walmart for groceries and then just spend the night in their parking lot. Well they lost our business as there isn't any overnight parking allowed due to a stupid city ordinance. Remember that if you're passing through Lake Havasu City. I'll do my grocery shopping in Laughlin, NV. Anyway, we drove almost to I-40 and parked out behind the truck stops. Tomorrow we'll head to Laughlin, NV. Another REAL short day.

Leaving Quartzsite. We'll sure miss it because we love being here. Its been our second home for 9 snowbird seasons.
Heading north on Hwy 95 past the RV Pit Stop. We came in here many many times to get propane and water.
Still going north on Hwy 95 towards Parker, AZ.
Heading to Parker in the distance.

Next up is Lake Havasu City, home of the London Bridge.

Lake Havasu in the distance.

London Bridge sign. All the times we've been by the bridge, we've never bothered to go across it.
Way out in the distance are the truck stops and I-40. Just pictures of where we are camped for the night.

Bella and Dan found a lizard already. Bella was able to roam around with us without the leash. She is so good at staying close by us and not running off.

She really needed the new pretty pink harness. Her other one just wore though and finally came apart. She doesn't go outside without it on.

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