Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/28/15 little motor home hill

We have left the Desert Eagle RV Park. Long trip today. All of about 2 miles. LOL LOL LOL LOL.......We are at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, parked on lower motor home hill for one night with full hookups. Its WINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow Dan will find out where he is working for race week and we'll go park there. Back to dry camping again for a week. I'll be making a trip out to Walmart for milk and some other stuff and out to the truck stop near the track to fill our propane bottles. Bella had a good old time when we first got here because the cars weren't out on the track making noise and the jets weren't flying over. She was out exploring and snooping around everyone's rig. Then the cars started up and some jets came in and she made a beeline for our rig.

The speedway is out in the distance to the left.
Here is our turn, at the sign.
Checkered Flag Ln
The tunnels that lead you into the infield. We'll be turning to the left to go around the track.

We are parked on lower motor home hill for one night with full hookups. Different views of the racetrack.

We're parked next to a boat. LOL LOL LOL....This guy wanted an RV but he wanted his houseboat too.
Pretty cool setup he has.
Looking out at the A,B,C lot. Dan has worked in this lot before. On the far side of the lot is Las Vegas Blvd.
Incoming. Run Bella. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......He or she wouldn't wave at me.

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