Monday, March 02, 2015

3/2/15 Monday

Dan is in his assigned spot for working the NASCAR race. We are parked at gate 1 where Dan will work at what is called The Bullring. Lots of RV parking here.
This little racetrack is off to the left of us. We've never seen a race in there. Go check out the link.

Its starting to clear up a little bit. At least the sun is peeking out between all the clouds. Gonna be chilly today but will warm up later in the week. Dan is working 3pm to 11pm so he'll be bundled up. One of the guys put a portable heater in the "meet and greet" tent. That sure will help.

Nellis AFB is hosting Red Flag. Just from all over the United States, Norway, and NATO. Check out this link.
I think I'll have a hard time distinguishing between our f-16's and Norway's F-16's because they are too far away and I'm not real jet savy except for the Warthog, my favorite.

Our parking spot for the week. Across the street, Las Vegas Blvd, to the right of the picture is Nellis AFB.
Here we are all together...
The Thunderbirds were out practicing this morning. They are some of the loudest jets that I've ever heard. Especially when they fly right over our rig.

Sunrise over Nellis AFB.

I don't know what kind of jets are in the pictures. All I know is that I think they are way cool and I like trying to take pictures of them.
Las Vegas in the background. Part of Nellis AFB in the foreground.

This is my favorite jet. The A-10 Warthog. Check out all the Warthog pictures on this link.

This Warthog did a "fly by" over me and Dan out in Utah in 2011. We were at Sand Hollow State Park riding on the quad and were taking a break. All of a sudden this jet comes flying around the cliff. Really surprised us. I grabbed my camera and I actually think the pilot seen what I was doing, he was that close. So I stand by the quad with camera in hand waiting to see if does another "fly by". Sure enough he did. This time he tilted his jet and we could see his face and I got this picture. This was TOO exciting for me! And I've liked the Warthog ever since. I've seen 5 of them today. WOOHOO!
Don't know what these jets are either. I guess someone will tell me when they read this. 3 of the same kind. The 4th one turned out blurry.

This came flying towards us from the air base. When it went over the top of us, I could see the people inside.

Long jet. Don't know what it is. Cool though. Maybe in my next life I'll be a fighter pilot. :-)

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