Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2/3/15 1st visit to Algodones

On our way to Algodones, Mexico. I "sucked it up" and decided to go see a dentist. I really needed to do something with my teeth as long as were this close to Algodones. Might not get here again. This is the road leaving the RV park. Its 1 1/2 miles of dirt road to the paved one. Then 9 miles of little two lane road to I-8.

Out cruising on the Interstate and here is the sign, Mexico next exit.
No guns? LOL LOL LOL.......Like you'd have to be REAL stupid to take a gun into a foreign country.
Uh oh. The last chance U turn.
I snapped this picture of the border crossing then looked up at a sign saying "no photography". OOPS!
The famous purple pharmacy.
Pictures from the town of Algodones.

Dan standing in front of the dentist office where I'll be tortured. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it was gonna be. They gave me Valium and numbed me so much that my right eye was numb too. lol
I am gonna have a great smile again. WOOHOO! After I'm done with my other appointments, I'll put a before and after smile on my blog.

Inside the pharmacy buying antibiotics.
And the line to get back into the good U.S. of A. is LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waiting, waiting, waiting...........

Pretty flowers along the fence to look at while waiting, waiting, waiting..........
Whew! We finally got out of Mexico after a 2 hour wait in line.
Ahhhhhhhhhh. Back at the RV park. Dan and Bella out walking. All the following pictures are of the RV park. Its an interesting place. Bella has been exploring everything in the following pictures. She has caught two lizards and its been nice and warm.
The RV park is close to this old gold mine and has a lot of artifacts around the park. Go check it out.
Here's another web-site.

Bella loves laying on this. She likes being up higher then us.

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