Sunday, March 15, 2015


Haven't written in the last few days. Just the same stuff happening here at the shooting range. Bella doesn't like the shooting at the skeet range so we go out between people setting up to shoot and the actual shooting. Gives her a little time outside in the fresh air. We've been going for night walks and she really likes that. Last night on our walk a fox ran out in front of us. It was about 100' away. Of course Bella is on her leash and couldn't run after it anyway, but I don't believe she seen it. She was busy sniffing the ground for something.........We've ran a few errands in the last few days. Costco, Walmart, Winco, and Starbucks. And now we're having problems with one of the motors for our front landing legs again. Part of the motor broke. We took it into the place where they were installed about a year ago here in Vegas. The guy gave Dan some new parts but apparently they didn't fit right. Guess Dan will have to make an appointment and we'll take our rig back into them. GRRRRRRR.......

A view of Vegas from the back of our rig.
Across the street at the back of our rig there is a slope going down to where Dan and Bella are. When they are down there it kind of muffles the pops and bangs from the skeet range. Bella can go lizard hunting there.

Here she is just chillin' before all the bangs and pops start up again. Shes really good about just hanging out at home.

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