Saturday, March 21, 2015

3/21/15 leaving the gun range

We are leaving the shooting range today for a week. Heading to Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah. We will have peace and quiet there. We've been here before and we love it. There will be plenty of room for Bella to play. Then we come back here to the shooting range for 3 days. Then to the airbase RV park, Desert Eagle where during our stay there we will take our rig back into the RV repair and get the landing leg fixed again. Thank goodness its under warranty. After that Dan will be working at the drag races.....Check it out. Part of our landing leg and it snapped right in two.

Here is Bella this morning sound asleep all curled up in her bed.
Caliche Globe Mallow flower across the street from us. The desert is starting to bloom.

We met up with friends at the Aliante Casino who have camped in Quartzsite. We went to the seafood buffet. Nothing to write home about. It was average. Was nice to see Irene and Grant.
Here is Canadian Kenny. We've been camping with him and Diane for 9 years. They are on their way home to Saskatchewan Canada and stopped in Vegas for a few days.
Me and Canadian Diane.

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