Sunday, March 22, 2015


Just a few pictures of Bella being out and about and some flower pics.

Bella looking outside before venturing out. She always does that.
 Bella on the hunt. So far we've seen jack rabbits, hawks, lizards, and a furry something. Didn't see it long enough to know if its a ground squirrel or a chipmunk.
 Erodium cicutarium, also known as redstem filareecommon stork's-bill or pinweed.  That's what I think this little flower is. Its tiny, tiny, tiny. I had to look it up on the net.
 This is I don't know what. I can't find it on the net and can't find it in my wildflower book.
 Well, hell. I can't find what this one is either. Oh well.
 Here is Bella laying inside this bush. I'm thinking she was stalking a lizard.
 She stayed in the bush for quite awhile wagging her tail the whole time.
 OK. Its a cactus, will eventually flower, and it hurts if you walk into it.
 Our home off in the distance.

 Spot number 44. We're the third ones listed.
Bella found a new friend. She caught it, brought it back to the picnic table, and then let it go. It went to hide under the table leg until we all went away, then it will venture back out to the bushes. She didn't hurt it.

I'm not sure what this plant is either. I thought it was a century plant but after looking at them on the Internet, I'm not so sure now. Maybe someone reading this can tell me.

Bella is staking out another bush where she seen a lizard. It never came out so she eventually gave up.


Enid Verdant said...
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Enid Verdant said...

(spelled it wrong, oops)

The mystery flower spike is Yucca whipplei. It's common in higher elevation desert areas of California and probably elsewhere in the Southwest. Most yuccas flower year after year, but this particular one flowers once, then dies.

Here's a Wikipedia article about the species:

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Hi Enid.......Thanks so much for the comment. I looked up the web-site you sent. I was looking for flowers on it instead of hard seed pods. No wonder I couldn't find it. :-) Thanks again.