Sunday, March 22, 2015

3/21/15 Sand Hollow State Park

We are now at Sand Hollow State Park. This is a nice place. We've been here about 5 times so we could go quad riding in the dunes. Not this time though. Our camping spot is inside the state park boundary and there isn't any quad riding inside this boundary. That's OK. We're using this week to just catch up on a few chores to be done on our rig, do laundry, pick up our "once a month" mail, and just chill. Soon as Dan parked the truck, Bella was out the door. New place and no noise. She'll like "hanging" here for a week. We'll be getting lots of walks in during the day with her.

Leaving Nevada on I-15 and entering Arizona for a short time. A good driving day with no wind.
Welcome to Arizona.
Haven't seen roads like this for awhile. Long grades and high walls. After I took this picture we moved over and traveled the inside lane. Something we don't usually do. But there is a sign that says for all high vehicles, like us and semi-trucks, to use the inside lane. I think its because of the rock wall.

2000 feet up. My ears plugged up.
And of course, road construction. The one lane got kind of narrow.

The country side is getting interesting. Plateaus and mesas.

Welcome to Utah.

Approaching our turn off from I-15.
Sand Hollow State Park entrance.
Here we are in our camping spot, not set up yet.
You can see Bella outside looking around. We always let her out to explore first before setting up.
I now have the slides out but the rig is still hooked to our truck. We're getting there.
Here is Bella sitting in the shade at our picnic table just down a slope from our rig.
OK. Time to get the rig off the hitch in the back of the truck. Dan has to slowly do some maneuvering using his hydraulic jack and the boards because of the broken landing leg so he can raise the left front a little at a time. We'll sure be glad when the RV place in Vegas gets it fixed again. It was put in half-assed the first time. I'm sure they'll get it right this time.
The views from our rig. The other people aren't that close.
Bella has lots of room to roam without bothering anyone.
This is the best view because we can't see any other RVs.
Dan and Bella out exploring. We're hoping that she'll see some jackrabbits here like Bonehead did. Course Bonehead just looked at them. "OK, fine. I seen something different". LOL LOL.....Bella will give chase cause that's what she does. Its the thrill of the chase. Then she'll come back to us. She always does. Its like she wants to tell us what she did. Like, "Did you see what I chased? That thing bigger then me"? as shes looking for pets from both of us.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

You might want to be careful for Rattlesnakes because Bella wouldn't think twice to go after one. With the suddenly warm weather we've read of many early sightings.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.