Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3/9/15 Clark County Shooting Complex

We are here at the shooting complex until 3/21. Sure hope this wasn't a mistake coming here. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday, so it was quiet yesterday and will be quiet today. No guns. At least we're out of the flight path for the air base. I've seen helicopters fly over a few times, but she can run for the steps and feel secure until they pass by. I guess on Wednesdays some skeet club comes here to shoot against other clubs. Like a league I suppose. Hoping that won't bother Bella too much. The skeet range is across the street from us. The other shooting range is farther away. Not gonna worry about that one as it will be a pop in the distance. She was all over the place when we got here and was setting up. First real freedom shes had in about 2 weeks. We'll be taking her out for night walks before bedtime.........Dan and I are gonna take advantage of the Costco, Walmart, Winco, and Starbucks that are only about 2 miles from us. We haven't been to a Costco since we left home last summer.

Dan and Bella out walking.
Las Vegas in the distance.
In this picture we're in between 2 rigs. Not now though. One of them left.
Looking one way then the other where the skeet shooting happens.

Way out in the distance is the other gun range. Bella was all over these little skeet shooting towers.
Looking back from the skeet shooting range to our rig.
One very happy cat just chillin'.

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