Saturday, March 07, 2015

3/7/15 race weekend

OK. I am NOT going to the race track to take pictures. I don't wanna pay to get in and its quite a ways from where we are parked. I can sit where I am and listen to the cars and watch the crazies out on Las Vegas Blvd and in the RV lot. If you wanna see pictures of previous races, go to the upper left on my blog page and key in "nascar" or "lvms" or "kasey kahane" or anything to do with the races. My archives will take you to old posts from previous years that we have been here. If I took pictures at this race, if I decided I wanted to pay to get in, they would be about the same pictures. Today at the track will be pretty calm as compared to tomorrow when its the big race. Might take some pics of all the crazy traffic tomorrow. So, you're all stuck with Bella pictures on this blog entry.

She is getting into everything and anything. Here she is up on the top shelf where all our satellite equipment is.
And, peek a boo to you too. When she wanted to come back down I just kind of bent over and she used my back as a spring board. She could have jumped clear to the floor but she thinks its fun for us to either catch her or let her use us as a stepping stone. Shes funny.
This is the first time since we've been at the track, and that's been 7 days, that we can open the door. Its been so cold here. Today is nice with just a tiny chill so far. This is also the first day we could open the doors as its finally halfway nice out. As you can see we need to tape the screen doors shut because Bella can open both doors. She can push the slide open and jump through the opening. Or she can push the slide open and then put her paw on the black handle, push down and out she goes.  

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