Friday, April 10, 2015


Just a few pictures that I took today. Just happened to catch 2 jets in one picture. The one on the right is going in for a landing. The other jet is circling to get ready to land.

All that is around where we are is pavement and gravel and I found these little flowers.
Looking down at the race track.

Message to Jeff Gordon on his retirement year.
This is as close as I'm gonna get to the drag races. LOL LOL LOL.........You can see the grand stands for the drag strip. Its across the street from the race track.
Nellis Straightaway between turn 2 and 3 with the Las Vegas strip in the background.
Little motor home hill. We are the second rig with the satellite dish on top. Out in the background is Nellis AFB.
Nellis Straightaway.........
We took a long walk with Bella to the race way grand stands. She was exploring section 4X.

My favorite jet. The evil looking A-10 Warthog that looks like a flying bug. Its the quietest jet. I love watching them fly.

Couple more pics of our rig on lower motor home hill.

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