Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/13/15 back at Desert Eagle

FINALLY away from the race track. This time I actually got tired of being there. I do believe I'm getting tired of being in Las Vegas. Dan is ready to get away from here too. Its been WINDY here most of the time. The day we left the track, we headed to the RV repair to get the landing leg fixed. We now have a nice, new landing leg and motor. It was covered under warranty, thank goodness. Now we're back at the Desert Eagle RV Park here on Nellis AFB for 3 days, then we're off to Utah. Right now, as I'm writing this, we are having a HUGE wind storm. The wind is gusty enough that I lowered the satellite dish on top of our rig. Lots of dust blowing around too.

A view of the RV park. We ended up in another nice parking space.
Our parking space. Bella loves climbing the trees.

Can remember the name of this flower. Its actually on a bush.

Another view of our parking place.
Here is Bella playing in one of the trees.
Another flower on a bush. Can't remember the name of this one either.

Here is the big flowering bush beside some really cool palm trees.
Bella on her way out the door. Shes always gotta check everything out first.

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