Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/18/15 Fillmore, Utah

We have left St. George, Utah. Traveled 162 miles today to Fillmore, Utah. 612 miles is A LOT of miles for us! LOL LOL LOL......We're staying at Wagons West RV Park for a week. This is a nice little "mom and pop" park. We can ride the quad here and its already out of our garage. Hoping the weather is warm enough to go riding while we are here. Bella LOVES it here. So many trees to climb and places to explore. I'm sure that she'll be walking our legs off! We'll be picking up mail here and checking out a possible problem with our truck. Too early to say anything about that, if at all.

Heading north on I-15 in Utah on our way to Fillmore.
OMG! 80???????????? Really? WAY too fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we seen a couple of people pulled over by the highway patrol. For maybe speeding? That's just crazy!!! Of course we're only going 55 to 60 pulling our rig. Why go faster? Are we in a hurry? I think not. Even if we weren't pulling our 5th wheel, we'd never go 80. It just sucks the diesel fuel.
And we see snow.

No wonder my ears are plugged.

Wagons West RV Park where we'll be staying for a week.

We have a real nice parking spot. Bella loves the trees and open spaces to explore.
Unloading the quad. You can see the snow in the background.

The view from the door of our rig.
Dan and Bella out and about.
Just another view of our home.
Dan's pink Hibiscus finally has bloomed again.

Bella is exploring the tree beside our rig. I'm sure she'll be climbing it every time she goes outside.

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