Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/21/15 horses

Behind our rig is a field with a couple of white horses. The first time Bella seen them she ran as they came to the fence to check her out. In these pictures she just sat and watched them. She'd never seen a horse and doesn't know what they are. One of them sure was watching her. The other one couldn't have cared less...........Not too much happening here. Picked up our "once a month" mail. Woohoo! Always like getting the mail. Have some chores waiting for me to accomplish before we venture on from here. Gonna tidy up the garage while the quad isn't parked in it. Dan still has to check out some stuff on the truck. But, today will be the warmest day while we're here in Fillmore, so we're gonna go out on a quad ride and do some geocaching.

Dan and Bella out walking.
Wonder what she is saying to me?

Bella checking out the horses. The female really was looking at her.

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