Friday, May 15, 2015

5/14/15 Swiftwater

And we're on the road again. Short day. Only 75 miles. It was a good travel day. No wind/no rain. We're going from a 1st class resort, in my opinion, to a "mom and pop" RV park. Swiftwater RV Park. Its a tiny park with not very big spaces. Lots of trees and Dan had to be very careful getting into a parking space. The is on the Salmon River. Its full of fishermen. Think they are fishing for salmon. We'll be here 3 days. Its suppose to rain so we won't be taking the quad out for a ride. Guess there are places to ride around here.

This is the little winding road from McCall. A road with restrictions. We just barely fit under the road restrictions. I hate roads like this. They are "butt pucker" roads.

Off little hwy 55 and back onto nicer hwy 95.
I finally got a picture of the sign for the 45th parallel. We've gone by it many, many times in Oregon.
Dan pulled over so I could walk back down the road and take a picture of the sign facing the other way. This little building was really a disgrace. Broken glass, no pamphlets, no nothing. I'm not sure who is responsible for this stopping place. Who ever is doing an awful job. I was so excited to be able to stop here. I was so disappointed in this little kiosk.

Some nice view of the country side going north on hwy 95.

Salmon River

Swiftwater RV Park

Oh look at all the trees. This park is tiny and I'm thinking older. Looks like it was created for smaller trailers.
There is one tree branch on top of the rig, but I had to pull the other one away from the rig as Dan was parking or it would have put a scratch all along the side.
We did manage to get out satellite to work.
Pretty Irises close to the river.

A bridge going across the Salmon River.

Dan and Bella out exploring.
The park's little gazebo is cute.
Home in the trees.

This is as close as Bella would go to the water.
Pretty weeping willow tree in the park.

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