Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Dan made use of the indoor swimming pool and hot tub yesterday. I think he really enjoyed that. It poured rain and had some thunder and lightning. Today wasn't a bad day. Had more rain, noise, and light. Managed to take Bella for two long walks. We kept her on the leash as she wanted to go places that we didn't. She was really in explore mode. She still has a good time even when on the leash. This blog entry is just all the pictures I took.

Home sweet home in the background among the trees.
Bella on the leash leading her Papa.
OK. She was off the leash this time. Just couldn't see Dan climbing the logs. lol lol
And back on the leash again. She does so good on the leash.
Here is one of the foxes that hang out in the RV park. A guy that comes to this park often told me that he caught the mama fox and took her to a vet at a local animal sanctuary to get her bad foot fixed. I guess the fox was away from the park for 6 weeks while she was healing they the sanctuary people brought her back. I think this was a pretty neat for this guy to do. We've seen two of them playing in the park so far. And we seen this one getting a hand out from some people in this rig. It walked right up to their door. Then while it was right outside their door eating a snack, the people came out of their rig and walked right by. This fox didn't care.

Oh. There goes Dan and Bella again.

This is a really cool tree. Someone put an eagle sculpture on one of the branches.

Just can't get away from Bella and Dan walking. LOL LOL

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