Wednesday, May 06, 2015

5/6/15 Mountain Home

We are at Mountain Home RV Resort in Mountain Home, Idaho. This is a mail pickup place for us. We've been to this park before and we really liked it. Since we've been here in 2012, they have done quite a bit or work on it. New spaces and they are in the process of building a swimming pool and hot tub. We don't have to think about being surrounded by a bunch of trees and there is LOTS of room for Bella. Shes been all over the park exploring. Its been really windy since we've been here so we're not out too long with her. Bella isn't overly fond of the wind. Picked up our "once a month" mail at the post office today. Thank goodness for "general delivery"! We're gonna hang out here until the winds die down and the upcoming rain has passed.

Before arriving in Mountain Home, we stopped by a Blue Beacon truck wash. Our truck and 5th wheel really needed a bath. They both look so good now. Only cost $56.00 to do both. Cool.
Here's the entrance to the RV park. I know, I know. There are bigger trees here but they aren't where we will be parking.
See? No big trees. Wide and long space.

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