Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/10/15 Mom's Day

The day before we left Mountain Home, Idaho a storm rolled in. I tried to get some pictures of fork lightning, but no such luck. Mountain Home is a windy town. We were there long enough. Time to move on.............So today is Mom's Day. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Heard from all my kids, called my Mom, and got some homemade applesauce cooking in the slow cooker, so I'm happy. Soon it will smell yummy in here. We are staying one night in Weiser, Idaho at Monroe Creek Campground RV Park. Its an older "mom and pop" park. Good for one night. LOTS of teeny flies here. Maybe from all the cattle around in this area and a creek runs in back of the park. And plenty of trees and not little ones either. Our rig is too big to make the tight corners, so I'm thinking Dan will back up onto the small field in back of us so we can just pull out. This is a pull-thru but its not an easy in/easy out for sure.

It was kind of cool watching the storm pass over I-84. I think the freeway got hammered. It didn't rain too much when it came over us.

Our overnight spot at Monroe Creek Campground and RV Park.

Dan and Bella coming back from a walk.

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