Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 21/22/23 Longcamp RV Park

The last few days have been just great. Connie and I went to Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington to take care of all her errands and go to Costco. We traveled along the Clearwater River. It was a really pretty day to be out and about.

And the Lewis and Clark Trail also follows the river.
Just some more views from around the park. There were several rigs in the park along with some tenters.
Chris hard at work digging for a phone line.

Bella out playing in the grass.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......... :-)

There are 7 cats that live out here in this old barn type building. Bella has seen them all but only one has come up to our steps to check her out. She is the tame cat that has been here for about 8 years.

Every Saturday Chris and Connie let vendors comt to the RV park and set up for free for the Farmers Market and Swap Meet. I made some fudge and it sure sold fast. I'll make it again for next Saturday.
Connie opens their concession for the Farmers Market. Dan was her helper today.

I've worked in this concession and let me tell ya, you really work your ass off at the big fairs and the kite festival.
Here is what Connie set up for selling her mom's stuff, her stuff, and my fudge. Cool.
Hard at work. They did a brisk business today I think..........Now its dark and raining off an on with lots of thunder and lightning.

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