Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Dan has been working around the RV park helping Chris and Connie get ready for the car show on June 6th. He looks funny with the baggies over his shoes but he didn't wanna get his tennis shoes all green.

Kind of a neat picture of the black clouds rolling in.

Bella just chilling in the grass.

The rain finally rolled on in. It POURED for about 10 minutes, then it quit.

Rode all over Idaho and Lewis Counties with Connie to put posters in stores, gas stations, and other places for the upcoming car show here at the park.......In Grangeville we stopped by to look at this.
I tried to take some pictures but it was hard through the glass. Anyway, you can click on the web-site and read about the mammoth.

This is a long butt-pucker little road, the Harpster grade. It was pretty country side but I don't like the little roads with all the sharp curves. I was glad to get down this grade and continue on through the tiny towns of Harpster, Clearwater, Stites, and Kooskia. It was a long, long and good day of delivering posters.

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