Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/24/15 Bremerton

We are now in Bremerton for I don't know how long. We'll see what happens with life. We will be parked in my mom's yard for now. We had a good travel day from Enumclaw to Bremerton. We traveled between rush hours. Always works for us. My mom and sister were glad to see us. We got all set up except for getting our satellite dish to work. No Internet and no TV. Guess I'll be doing some phone calls to get some help. Anyway, here are some pictures that I took today.

Bella and Tucker met up again. Tucker was a lost sole when I found him in my mom's woods. Someone had abandon him. He found a new home here at my mom's house.

Here is our parking place at my mom's house
We call this our "Christine plant" after my sister. She brought it home when she was a little girl and its grown in the yard ever since. Its actually a member of the Hollyhock family.

Tucker chillin'
Pictures of my mom's yard
The old garage is a gazillion years old. lol lol

My car. It lives here when we're gone
Dan and Bella out walking

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