Sunday, June 28, 2015


Been trying to get started on the chores concerning our rig, truck, and my car. We'll get them done slowly but surely. Dan fixed our hot water heater, put water in the batteries, and was nice enough to pressure wash my car. It was so yukky from sitting all winter. Now I have an appointment to get it detailed very soon. Get all the pollen and crap out of the nooks and crannies and get it all washed/waxed/buffed/rugs shampooed/etc. It will look like a new car again! We'll put the quad in my Mom's garage soon then I can straighten our 5th wheel garage again for the summer. I bought a couple of hand made planters at the farmer's market when we were staying at Long Camp RV Park in Idaho and I wanna stain them or varnish them. Not sure yet. Its just one thing on my "to do" list. Dan has also been clearing out the overgrown blackberries. He just clips them back a little at a time. His back will allow him to do only so much then he has to take a break. There is lots to do around my Mom's yard and seeing as Dan can't sit still for very long, he plugs away at doing stuff for her. Me? I can sit and enjoy it unless Bella gets a wild hair up her grey butt and I'll have to go walking with her. Its been really hot and humid since we've been here and she pretty much stays in the shade. The poor blueberries are all ripe and some are dying on the bush. We just can't keep up with picking them. I've made muffins and have more in the fridge that I'll be freezing. The weather is going bonkers and the blueberries, blackberries, and other growing stuff around the house is a little confused. "Should I grow and ripen?" "Its not time yet." lol lol...............And its SO dry around here that we'll have to be extra careful when doing fireworks. We'll have more then one hose out for sure. Always afraid something might land on the roof of our 5th wheel. That wouldn't be good. :-( There will be enough people here at the bbq we're having on the 4th to help me watch out for crap landing on the rig. Dan will be busy lighting them all off. It will be another day that Bella and Tucker and Christine's dog Max will hate. Bella probably won't come out for very long for her walks and playtime.

The man pressure washing my car. At least I can drive it now cause I can see out the windows!
We all went to a birthday party one afternoon for Jenny's youngest daughter Michelea. Jenny is my youngest son Jason's girlfriend. It was nice sitting in the park in the shade. Even when I got slaughtered with a water balloon. lol lol

The water balloon fight was on.

My son Jason and his Jenny getting each other wet.

Jenny's Mom all wet and running to throw a balloon at someone.

My Mom sitting and watching everyone.
Jason and Jenny playing, I can't remember the game, but they are playing catch..........

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Jerry Williams said...

You sure do keep a nice site here Patty... I still have mine but just never do anything with it anymore,, I use FB more.. Keep up the good work,, I like that too where you can see who has looked at yours.. it posted it right away,, where did you find that... that is neat... hope to see you in the desert again.. oh have you heard about Ken Flanders.... ???????
Later Jer