Monday, June 08, 2015

6/7/15 Red River

Ahhhhhh, the car show is over and Connie needed a day of rest away from her RV park. Me, Connie, Dorma(Connie's mom), and her niece Kaya headed for a couple hour drive to Red River Hot Springs. This was 95% done on butt-pucker roads, in my opinion. LOL LOL
We had a great time. The pool was so warm and really big. 

We seen 4 elk on our way to the hot springs. I could only get one of them in the picture
A couple of cool cabins. I could live in one of these

The big swimming pool
Dorma, Connie's mom, and Connie playing on the noodles
Connie and Kaya in the hot tub
More, more goofing around

Connie said that this was a Golden Eagle

On our way back to the RV park we stopped right by the hot springs, built a fire, and roasted some weenies

Connie was gonna try her luck at fishing for some trout while we were building the fire

She caught two fish
She didn't have a "church key" to open the bottle, so she used the car door. It worked
Dorma putting out the fire so we could get back on the road for the long ride home

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