Monday, June 08, 2015

6/4/15 and car show

I think that the car show was pretty good. I expected to see more classic cars but there were enough to make the people happy that came. Because of this car show, Chris and Connie raised $744.00 for the Emergency Feeding Outreach in Kamiah. That's a good amount of money for a small car show. I think that they are doing a good thing here and hope they do the car show every year.

Chris is towing Dan in his project car. He has it up for sale and could be a really beautiful car.
Bella is watching the women do stuff for getting ready for the car show

Stalking a bird
Pretty girl just hanging out. She was still feeling poorly after falling out of a tree. Oh yes, she fell out of a tree. It actually was the tree in the background of this picture. She has to back down the tree trunk and seemed to misplace a step in coming down. It looked like she kind of lost her balance right then and fell. Dan tried to catch her but he couldn't. She landed on all four feet OK except for the back right foot. It looked like she twisted it the wrong way. She limped around on it for a couple of days but now she seems to be OK, thank goodness. She hasn't climbed another tree yet. Shes pretty leery of doing that.
Just some views of the park before the car show

Home sweet home. This is the tree Bella fell out of.

The day before the show, people started bringing their cars.
Bella down at the river

Looking from the river back up to the road, Hwy 12
Project cars
Dan chillin'
This is where I volunteered. Registering the entry cars as they came in

Pretty trophies
HUGE truck that someone brought in. It was LOUD!
Just different views from around the park during the show

The red colored Chevy coupe won "Peoples Choice"
Dan out directing cars

Chris out and about on the golf cart

The blue Chevy truck won 2nd place

"Manning" their station taking donations of canned goods or money

Hard at work in the curly fry wagon, concession
Project cars
More project cars. The long, black Caddy won "Best Project Car/Truck"

Dan hard at work?
Filling out the $744.00 big check
Volunteers holding the check
LOL LOL LOL......I managed to get into the middle of the next picture!
Best Project Car winner, Sue
1st prize winners. They had a 1914 Ford Model T.........The 2nd place winner had a 1957 Chev 3100 truck. No picture of him. He had already left the car show.
"Peoples Choice" winner. He had a 1941 Chevy coupe
Hanging out at the concession.

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