Thursday, July 09, 2015

7/9/15 after the 4th

I'm SO glad that the 4th is over and we can get back to our "normal" life again. lol lol......Dan took his mom back to Maple Valley, WA today, in between rush hours, and we don't have to entertain anymore. Whew! Dan has our furnace all apart as it is really noisy, so hes gonna do some troubleshooting. One more thing on the "to do" list. Hes putting water in our batteries, something he checks about every three weeks. We have one Fantastic Fan that needs to be replaced and that's also on the "to do" list. Thank goodness they are guaranteed for life so Dan just has to call the company and they will send another one. Wish the furnace was guaranteed for life. LOL LOL......

Dan's Hibiscus had two blooms on it. He gets so excited his two Hibiscus plants. :-)

On boy! Gonna have ripe tomatoes soon. YUM!
After everyone left, Bella went to her cat cave and just chilled. She was so glad to get back outside. She had to stay in while Audrey and her HUGE black dog were here.
Dan is taking our great-niece Grace for a quad ride around the yard. She LOVED it! He got scolded though because he didn't have her put a helmet on. But she had fun and they were only here in the yard.

Bella has a "new thing" she does now. Shes fascinated with water. Watching it run and sticking her paw in it. I can tell that we'll be wasting alot of water. She'll go and sit by the water bucket and wait for someone to pour out some water. Shes too funny!

The squirrels are back. Well, at least one is back so far. I'm sure all it's friends will hear about the free peanuts and come visiting. So far Bella has just watched it come to the yard and pick up peanuts. Eventually she'll chase it for fun.

I went to the Bremerton Police Department and took some pictures of pictures. In the lobby they have a display with lots of pictures, old billy clubs, old police stuff, etc. My grandpa is in this picture. I seen the picture a few years ago but finally decided to stop and take a picture of it. I wanna show it to my mom and see if she will recognize him seeing as how her Alzheimer's is sometimes bad and sometimes it isn't. Anyway, its on my "to do" list very soon to print off these pictures for her. He was a cop here in Bremerton in the 40's/50's/and part of the 60's except for a couple of years when he was a detective. He looks like Eliot Ness. Love the hat and suit. He is the one in the bottom row on the left.
 What a good lookin' guy my grandpa was! My mom would have been a teenager when these pictures were taken. Just thought I'd share them here on my blog.

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