Monday, August 03, 2015


Been busy, busy, busy. Always busy! Even if its just out and about with Bella. My big Nikon camera is having some major problems so I'm using my phone to take pictures. My Nikon is old. Need to upgrade I guess. Anyway, Dan and I went to the VA in Seattle for his next 2 appointments.First one was with the shrink so he can complain about anything and everything. I like this guy. Next appointment was with his lung doctor. I like her too. Shes gonna help him get rid of the crap that keeps invading his right lung so he won't cough and spit up yukky crap all the time. He goes back to her in a couple of weeks for a CT scan of his lungs and shes gonna include a CT scan of his head because of his VICIOUS headaches. Cool. Been waiting for someone to from the VA to FINALLY take an interest in his bad headaches. Our driver pal that takes us to the VA from the Seattle ferry was waiting to pick us up. All I gotta do is text him and he shows up to get us and will do the same thing when we're done at the VA. Hes the best "find" for transportation to the VA so we don't have to drive and hes cheaper then a crazy taxi driver. Yea for us! Below are some pictures of what it looks like in front of the ferry terminal. Its all ripped up and a real mess. They are ripping up part of the street between the terminal and the Alaskan Way viaduct.

Just Bella chillin' on the sidewalk cause it feels cool. I ran some water down the walkway and when it was almost dry, she went to lay on it.
Bella and Tucker having a conversation.
OK. Guess shes done with the conversation. LOL LOL LOL
My sister Christine and I went to the Clearwater Casino so she could play in a slot machine tournament. I ran into my old friend Donna there which was very cool. Here she is on the right getting ready to compete in the tournament.
Blurry picture. She always moves in "78 speed". LOL
Here is Christine getting ready to compete. She was on a team and their team lost. They were given a good consolation prize though. An $80 chit to eat at the steakhouse in the casino.

She had fun doing this. I actually came out $70 ahead when I was playing on the slot machines. WOOHOO!
Pretty flower outside the casino.
Had to include this picture of Tucker. Hes so funny.

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