Friday, August 07, 2015


Today Bella goes to the Vet for her shots and "well cat" checkup. She probably won't be very happy today for awhile.........I had to click on the furnace this morning to get the chill out of our rig. I sure wish our 5th wheel had some light weight insulation. Anyway, its chilly in the morning and nice during the day now. Maybe our hot and dry streak of being in the 90's has finally gone away. I've never seen the grass in my Mom's orchard so brown and sad. The grass has always been green and needed to be mowed at least once every week and a half. Christine hasn't mowed since we got back here in June.

We went to our storage area to get a few things and our poor Harley looked very lonesome. Soon we'll be taking it out of storage so we can access other stuff. I'll go through some boxes and Dan will probably play with his motorcycle. Geeeeezzzzzzzzz we have alot of crap in there. lol lol

I found this picture someone drew of us when we went to the Puyallup Fair back in 2001.
We got this picture taken when we went to Street Vibrations in 2001. We drove to Virginia City and seen this photo shop that took old time pictures. We wanted to have the bike in the picture so Dan drove it on the wooden sidewalk and right into the photographers shop. Cool. Dan sure does look like he belonged in the old west. I just look like a floozy. LOL LOL LOL

Days gone by................

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