Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/21/15 after Dan's shots

We took another trip to Seattle via the ferry. Dan finally got the shots in his lower back at the Seattle VA. Hoping this will be good for him for several months. It takes him about two weeks to feel good about the injection sites. He has 4 injections sites at his lower back and they are sore for awhile, then that soreness will fade away. He is taking it easy and not lifting or bending fast. Hes in "chill mode"......We finally got a good working furnace. We had to call a mobile RV repair, Mikes Mobile RV Service here in Bremerton. He came to us, fixed our problem, and now we won't be so cold this winter or have to use the portable propane. Using that portable made our windows and window sills weep so bad. That's not happening now with the big furnace running. We'll be using lots of propane but that's OK. We don't like being cold in this damp and frigid weather..............We also had Directv pay us a visit to get our receiver working again. During the big wind storm we had, the receiver messed up. Now its working again and we have TV back. I wonder what else is gonna happen concerning our 5th wheel? Nothing I hope.

Waiting for the ferry to Seattle. Just happens to be a Starbucks very close by which makes me happy.
Here is our pal Idris waiting at the ferry in Seattle for us. When he is available, he takes us to the Seattle VA and will come pick us up when we're done. He works for a town car taxi company. We used to ride in a black town car but he bought himself this big SUV. Hes such a nice guy and he doesn't drive like the CRAZY Seattle taxi drivers. Yellow Cab and the flat rate cabs scare the holy crap out of me
The construction people sure are making a mess right outside the ferry terminal. Digging up the street. You can see the Alaskan Way viaduct.
What a big mess!
LOL LOL LOL.......After we got off the ferry, we headed to the parking garage where I parked my car. Dan said he needed his "fix" for the day cause he never got it in the morning before getting his shots.
Little tree in my mom's front yard. Pretty.

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Happy Prospector said...

Just a question about your portable propane heater, does it make weep when you are down in AZ. and if a fellow was to get a portable type heater for a 5th wheel in the desert, want kind and brand would you recommend?