Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11/18/15 after the wind storm

First of all I wanna thank "hadacres" who made a comment in my last blog entry to try using a humidifier. We will try that. Wiping window sills every morning gets old quickly. Hopefully soon we won't have to use the portable propane heater and just use the big furnace all the time. Using the big furnace we don't get hardly any condensation, but Dan needs to change out the control center brains for the furnace. Our old remote doesn't work good anymore. We can't change the temperature. It only goes on and off. Thank goodness its on 70 so we can use it at night and leave the portable off. Anyway, we have new updated stuff to fix our problem. New brains and new hard wired controller. Feels strange to use the big furnace as we've hardly used it at all as we've been in mild winter weather in Quartzsite for nine snowbird seasons. If the remote hadn't gone "tits up" we wouldn't be having a problem. After Dan gets the furnace thing all working, we should be pretty well set up for winter, I hope. I'm pretty sure that my explanation of the furnace problem didn't make too much sense, but oh well, ya get the drift of what I was trying to say I guess. :-)

Here is Dan and Bella playing with her favorite things. She loves the two shoe strings that I tied together and the carrying case Dan's bamboo pillow came in. Shes about destroyed the carrying case. Goofy cat. She has lots of cat toys and likes the simple stuff.

One of my favorite blog readers. My brother John.
My son Jason filling his RED CUP with water. We both had Starbucks. I think that red cup thing is stupid.
The big Oak tree in the back of mom's orchard just before the big storm we had recently. The sun was actually trying to make an appearance.
The morning after the big wind and rain storm. My car was frozen over. :-(

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