Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/28/15 after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Its been cold, cold, cold. We've been going through alot of propane! I heard that it was gonna be a mild winter. Lets hope so because autumn sure isn't mild. Its FRIGID! I can't stay out with Bella anymore then an hour cause its too cold. She does alot of lap sitting when we're out playing. I'm thinking her paws get real cold. In the warm weather she doesn't get on my lap at all when we're outside.

 I went to my youngest son Jason's new house. His Jenny had LOTS of food! She outdid herself. I took a few pictures of our "Thanksgiving spread" but only one turned out that was worth putting on here. Love the inside of their new place. Lots and lots of room. Here is Jason just chillin' before dinner. A few minutes after I took this picture, Jenny called him to the kitchen to help baste the turkey.
Jenny busy doing her thing in the kitchen.
My car parked in the woods. Quite the change from desert cactus and mesquite bushes!
Jason and his dog Onyx playing. Hes a good dog and he loves Jason.

That is Gizmo, Jenny's dog, in the background.
Jason's dad, Duane, stopped by to say hi.

Dan headed to Maple Valley, WA to where his mom lives. The assisted living place she lives in always has crap food. We call it "cardboard" food. I suggested they go to Snoqualmie Casino for the Thanksgiving buffet. Dan's daughter Audrey and her kids went with them. He said everyone was happy with the food, so I guess it turned out good. Better then "cardboard" food anytime.
Dan's daughter, Audrey
Grand, Nicholas
Dan's mom, Mary
Oldest grand, Caleb. What a strange look on his face.
Grand, Tiffany
Daughter and Dad trying to do a selfie
My sister was getting her sign ready to go outside. She hadn't gotten the right number of days on there yet. Pretty cute count down sign. Tucker is chillin' on the sofa.
I was outside with Bella playing in the cold sunshine when I snapped this picture. I knew the old garage was leaning but it was a good shot of it with the house and our rig in the background. I believe the garage is older then me!
Got my red cup, my red carry bag full of peanuts, some nummies in the plastic bag for Bella, and her leash in case she wants to go for a walk out of the yard. Out in the cold, cold, cold weather feeding the squirrels and jays. Its only about 35 degrees out. BRRRRRRRRRRRR

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