Wednesday, December 02, 2015

12/2/15 Bella adventures

Just a few pictures of Bella this time during the REAL cold days we were having. It was SO DAMP COLD! out that I only lasted about 1/2 hour outside with her. Now its about 10 degrees warmer and the damp air isn't as bad.

As I said above we had a few days that was just plain RIDGED and I had to bundle up in layers just to stay outside for that 1/2 hour before the cold penetrated through my clothes. Bella sure wasn't liking the ice on the grass. This is how she warmed up her paws. She would jump up onto my shoulder and get a free ride.

There were a bunch of tiny birds in the bushes. She was waiting for them to come out I guess.

Her first experience with water icing over was too funny. She went to the water bucket to get a drink but it was iced over. She was licking the ice. She wasn't having any of that, so she walked off. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of her trying to drink water but I did get the picture of her walking off. I broke the ice and called her to come back.
She did come back and looked at the ice on the ground and got her drink of water. I can't EVEN imagine what shes gonna do if she sees snow!

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