Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Things have been busy around here with "mom sitting" and living everyday life in a 5th wheel. One of us is always going to get a propane tank filled then the next thing ya know, its time to dump the grey and black water again. Dan has to run a hose to dump into my mom's septic tank. Not the regular way you set up in an RV park. Her septic tank is too far away from our rig to do that. I "mom sit" because my mom is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and my sister still works part time. It was time to stay home for the winter for the first time in 10 years instead of going to Quartzsite, AZ. If we were gone right now, we would be in Las Vegas and Dan would be working at the NASCAR track. This would have been his 9th year working there. Hopefully next time. Next thing to do on our rig is cleaning out our 10' garage. It has become a "collect all" for stuff because we're not traveling. That's really easy to do. We sure do miss traveling, but...............

We did get away for the whole day on 2/23. Dan managed to get 3 VA appointments on the same day, so off to the Seattle VA we went. After we were done there we headed to Ivar's to eat dinner. Here are some pictures looking out the window from our table.
    Restaurant company ·
    Ivar's is a seafood restaurant chain based in Seattle, Washington, United States, with operations in the Puget Sound region and in Spokane, Washington. Ivar's was founded in 1938 by Seattle folk singer Ivar Haglund.Wikipedia
    Everyone and their mother that we know has eaten at Ivar's.

Looking out towards the Olympic Mountains. I happened to catch a seagull in this shot. Cool.

You can see the big Ferris wheel on the Seattle waterfront. Never in a million years would I ride on that! I was doing a spell check and noticed that Ferris was suppose to have a capitol F. Hmmmmm. I looked up Ferris wheel and this is what I found. The Ferris wheel is named after George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr..  I didn't know that. And now you know too if ya didn't already. Just an FYI........
Looking back at Ivar's and Seattle in the background.

A fuzzy picture of Mt. Rainier. It was starting to get dark and I was only using my phone camera. We actually had blue sky all day.

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Allison said...

Seattle is such a treat when the sun is out. We used to live there, but after we quit working the climate drove us out. Too much grey! Did you walk around the new sea wall project? That's fairly interesting.